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Recently, after many new people registered, the phenomenon of random irrigation and posting appeared. In order to return the forum to a clean territory, the management team made the following announcement: The first kind of reply content is..., ~, 65655, sffsfdd, pure expression and other meaningless replies. The second kind of reply content is: good-looking, good classic movies, thank you for sharing, good movies, good film support, good I like, seemingly good oh, sofa support, good posts, Xie Lou-zhu, or not related to posts, etc.) The third reply is: less than 10 words For the first time, I found out that the posts were irrigated and distributed indiscriminately, withholding 10 money and forbidding words for three days. The second time I found out that it was permanently forbidden to irrigate and send out posts indiscriminately! _________ (Note: Newcomers should carefully read the Forum General Rules and Versions Rules after registration in order to avoid making mistakes and being banned. If newcomers want to post posts that have nothing to do with the film, please post them in the irrigation area.) Please abide by the rules. Thank you for your cooperation. Don't blame me me for violating the rules. Management Group 2019.04.12

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